Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser Review

Brita has become a rather well-known brand across the vast majority of the Western world. Through the brand’s ability to produce water filters which turn dirty water into clear water in a mere matter of seconds, many of us have been relying on Brita for some time now to save on bottled water by drinking directly from the tap without fear of introducing our bodies to harmful contaminants. On the other hand, it can seem rather inconvenient at times to constantly be refilling a water jug. Luckily, Brita has answered such complaints through producing the Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser. Let’s take a closer look at what this filter is all about and whether or not it’s the filter for you.

Meeting halfway in between the standard Brita water filter and an office water cooler, the Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser stands upright and allows one to place a glass underneath the unit, triggering a mechanism which dispenses water into said glass. It’s a great way to cut down on kitchen trips by leaving it in the living room for everyone to use easily and conveniently.

The product’s main feature is, of coarse, the fact that it filters water. Those who have grown to appreciate the filtering power of Brita filters will certainly appreciate what this unit has to offer, as the quality stays rather consistent. It also comes with a very large water tank, reducing the amount of time one spends filling it. Even for those with large families, one can expect to not even have to refill the tank as often as once a day.

  • Excellent filtering power,
  • A large tank is convenient,
  • Heavy, this unit can be placed anywhere without worry of toppling over,
  • Because it is rather large, it may not fit in some households’ refrigerators (though it usually will).

The feedback on the Brita Ultramax Filter Dispenser tends to be extremely favorable, even when stacked up against other products within the Brita water filter line. Its method of filtration – carbon – is often held in high regard due to its consistency and durability. Folks also tend to be happy with how convenient using the filter is in the first place, often comparing it to water filter pitchers, which may sometimes require a little more elbow grease to operate.

Whether you’ve been thinking about getting a water cooler for the office or a water filter for at home, the Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser is sure to have you covered. Through its large tank, convenient design and excellent filtering power which produces consistently clean water, it’s sure to be a top contender, not just among water filters of its type, but water filters in general. If you haven’t yet, it may be time to consider getting a Brita Ultramax Water Filter for yourself.