Char-Broil 3001 Rated One of the Best Gas Grills Under $200

When shopping for the best gas grill under $200 you may find it a bit tricky. This is a comfortable range for people to spend when they look for a new grill so manufactures seem to have flooded the market with grills featuring the same options. It may seem like this will help you find the best gas grill easier; however what it does is make the selections harder as there are so many. We’ve taken a look at a grill that we hope will help you make a selection as the one that works best for you.

The Char-Broil Grillin’ gas grill provides you with 438 square inches of main grilling area. It also features a 192 square inches of warming space to keep food warm allowing you to grill additional food when serving a larger group. This grill has been made to withstand the outdoor elements with its durable steel construction. It also has attached wheels making it easy for you to move it about your patio or yard when you need to change your cooking location.

Customers love the electronic start on this grill as it provides quick and easy start-ups every time. The porcelain-coated cooking racks are easy to clean and the side shelf makes it convenient to prepare your food for the grill. The Char-Broil heats quickly, you will not waste time waiting for charcoal to reach that certain stage, just push the button and start grilling.

The Char-Broil Grillin’ Pro gas grill has been constructed from heavy steel and a coated finish making it incredibly durable. This grill has been designed to last. There is even a side-burner on the grill so you can prepare your side dish right there as you grill your steak or other food items.

According to, BestReviews the 3001 Grillin’ Pro is a great grill for creating those classic barbecue favorites. You’ll love the flavor this grill provides when grilling; steak, chicken, pork or any favorite food of your choice.

About Food has also rated the Char-Broil very high. They call it an inexpensive gas grill which has been constructed well with heavy durable steel.

Char Broil is the world’s oldest operating grill brand. In the 1940’s the company, W.C. Bradley Co., redirected their parts production to focus on the backyard leisure market. This saw the creation of an outdoor cooker called, Char-Broil. Since that time they have improved their products and materials and have been called the World’s Best BBQ Grill, won several awards such as; The Golden Hammer in Outdoor Living, Award of Excellence by National Barbecue Association and were even in the top 50 according to Men’s Journal for 2015.

In the early years W.C.Bradley acquired Columbus Iron Works and when W.C. Bradley passed away, his son-in-law D.A. Turner took over. In 1949, Iron Works created its first cast iron barbecue grill. They began the gas grill production in the 1960s. In 1977 that division of Iron Works changed its name to what is now known as Char-Broil.