4 American boarding schools prepare students for the world


A good education prepares students for more than just academic success. While the skills needed to be successful in college or university are important, high school graduates face many non-academic challenges in their next phase of life, further emphasizing the importance of life skills. Boarding schools are known to push the boundaries of students and equip them with a variety of skills that would help them thrive in college and beyond.

Research supports it. A study conducted by The boarding school association found that 78% of boarders report being surrounded by motivated peers, compared to only 49% of public school students. Nine in 10 report having excellent, high-quality teachers, while 70% of boarders said boarding school has helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, independence and critical thinking.

Boarding schools in the United States are known to provide students with a rewarding environment in which to thrive. They provide a platform for collaboration and for students to engage in athletics, the arts and anything that piques their interests. Living and learning alongside peers from diverse cultures is another key benefit. This exhibition nurtures an appreciation and respect for different perspectives.

Ultimately, they prepare students to meet the demands of the 21st century. In the United States, there are many schools known for this. However, when it comes to preparing students for life, these four elements stand out in their own way:

Frederick Gunn School

A Frederick Gunn School student or graduate is always learning. After building their groundwork at this coeducational pre-school and boarding school in Washington, Connecticut – surrounded by natural beauty – students are able to think for themselves, express their beliefs confidently and persuasively, and stand up for themselves. both for themselves and for others. They become active citizens, changing the world in the same entrepreneurial way Frederick Gunn – abolitionist, educator, and outdoor enthusiast – changed the world over 170 years ago.

Several programs make this possible. The Innovation Track is a multi-year learning path that allows students to explore science, engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship as a path to the pursuit of these passions in college and beyond. When the new Center for Citizenship and Fair Democracy opens in November 2023, students will have a space modeled on cutting-edge co-working spaces in urban centers, such as Workbar in Boston and NeuHouse in New York. This already strong and active program will continue to evolve as our world evolves and encourages students to think and understand the world more broadly and with a creative and entrepreneurial mindset.

The citizenship program does more than just ensure that first-year students adapt perfectly to life at school and at boarding school. This 4-year program culminates in the summer between the junior and senior years when students participate in the Civic Changemakers Project where they create, identify and bring policy to life through action in the community.

Beyond its pristine campus in a small historic town, students learn to take risks, problem solve, collaborate, and navigate a world that challenges them through the Gunn Outdoors program. Throughout this program, students have the opportunity to engage in the outdoors, develop leadership skills, and gain independence. The Frederick Gunn School believes education shouldn’t be limited by classroom walls and knows that the experience of the outdoors contributes to character development.

As Frederick Gunn once said: “Think boldly, without fear; never fear where unhindered thought will take you. At Frederick Gunn School, students experience this daily life making sure that they are a “force for good”.

Emma Willard School

Few schools produce resilient young women like the Emma Willard School does. Located atop Mount Ida in Troy, NY, its thriving community –– between students in Grades 9-12 –– learns the academic and non-academic skills that lead to stellar inscriptions and more .

Source: Emma Willard School

Emma fosters a love of learning in her students, as well as the character, fortitude, and leadership qualities that help them serve and shape the world. The school has over 200 years of experience in ensuring these results.

It’s no wonder that girls have traveled to 38 countries and 21 US states to take advantage of its unique offerings. By joining them, learners open their minds to over 140 courses and countless opportunities to pursue their aspirations. Thanks to Emma’s personalized study programs –– Internship and Signature –– anything is possible. The school provides a safe and seamless boarding and learning experience that students will benefit from.

The focus on the well-being of students guarantees this. Emma’s READY Center helps students face the rigors of the world with confidence through holistic and proactive educational programming. The READY program is a four-year program that instills a purpose. Including a one-year READY seminar series that offers girls weekly sessions tailored to their grade level.

The program equips students with the know-how to trigger global change. For example, with READY for Impact, students explore their identity while realizing their values ​​and exploring what it means to have an impact in communities of all sizes.

The healthy lifestyles and life skills sessions give girls a better understanding of how their bodies and brains develop during adolescence. They learn to take care of themselves, cope with change and protect their mental and physical health. At Emma’s, girls have the opportunity to lead. As Emma Wellness Advocates – or “Wellies” – they serve the community by empowering them to live healthy lives. Collectively, the Emma experience is one that leads to successful academic and professional careers and a global civic life. To get an overview of these transformations, learn more here.

Concorde Academy

Learners with specific aspirations in mind will settle well at Concorde Academy (CA) –– an independent coeducational boarding and day school in Concord, Massachusetts. A total of 400 students in grades 9 to 12 are already here and benefiting from a program they have designed.

American boarding schools

At CA, every student has the freedom to follow their passions through semester electives – whether it’s building a robot or directing a production on stage. Source: Concord Academy

A total of 200 academic courses are available to satisfy all kinds of curiosities. For schools of this size, such a broad curriculum is a rarity. Here, each student is paired with an advisor –– a faculty member or administrator who is both mentor and advocate to help them unlock their potential. For parents, they are essential links between home and school.

At CA, intellectual possibilities are endless. Each student has the freedom to follow their passions through semester electives – whether building a robot or directing a production on stage. It’s safe to say that mandatory courses are not common at CA. Their courses nurture the development of independent thinkers able to spark passionate debate and make effective decisions in academia and beyond.

Freed from the shackles of traditional learning, students often spend their time at the Board of Directors cultivating their talents. While participating in a rigorous academic program, many are still incredibly active in the arts, athletics, and various clubs or organizations. In fact, CA students are involved in over 70 student-run clubs and 13 affinity groups. Afternoons are often devoted to inter-school athletics, theatrical productions, band rehearsals and intramural sports.

CA’s location provides the perfect setting for a new self-discovery. Concord is a small, historic, safe, New England town that packs a punch. Its downtown area, which is a short walk from the CA campus, is full of kitchens and retail outlets that students can enjoy on the weekends. The campus is also just 20 minutes from bustling Boston, home to countless world-class colleges and universities. Discover the education that made authors, ambassadors, entrepreneurs, engineers, dancers and doctors, Click here.

New Hampton School

New Hampton School is a mixed, pre-college educational institution established on 340 magnificent hectares in the village of New Hampton, in the foothills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is home to 12 residential houses, state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs, three computer labs, a research center, a newly renovated library, studios for each art, a recently updated athletics complex, and a mountain area. endless for outdoor exploration – but what really sets it apart is its community.

American boarding schools

The New Hampton School’s iconic approach to education is an extension of the school’s mission and goals. Source: New Hampton School

The New Hampton School community is inclusive, open and happy. The opportunities and support are plentiful – their 325 students are free to be themselves and try new things. They can join inter-school teams such as downhill skiing, baseball, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, field hockey and more. Creatives can enroll in visual, digital and performing arts classes, including comic improvisation, environmental art, animation, graphic design, and contemporary performance, to name a few. -a.

The New Hampton School’s iconic approach to education is an extension of the school’s mission and goals. Here, students can build their class schedules around their interests. The fully customizable Foundations of Learning program shapes dynamic students by providing the rigor and support each student needs with offerings in the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Academic Support.

When you combine an environment that inspires well-being with a personalized curriculum and supportive faculty, the result is great results for students. New Hampton’s senior class, made up of over 100 people, enjoys an impressive success rate, enroll in over 85 different colleges and universities. Join a school that offers experiential education, student-led groups and clubs; promotes nobility with service learning; and encourages diversity, equality and inclusion with a vibrant community, find out more about New Hampton School now.

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