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There are so many different schools: public, private and boarding, unisex or mixed. When it comes to boarding schools, the UK immediately comes to mind. However, there are also many excellent boarding schools in the United States, often located in a large and scenic setting.

What makes boarding schools special is the idea of ​​living, studying, playing, learning and being supported together while making lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life. Indeed, the integration of students cannot be ignored in these racially and ethnically diverse spaces; this can either make or break a student’s overall experience in a school, especially if he or she lives far from the familiar surroundings of home.

Excellent boarding schools take student integration very seriously. These are the schools that emphasize pastoral care, academic support for all teachers, nutritious meals, comfortable accommodation and supervision during extracurricular activities. The result? Happy and fulfilled students who are successful in college and beyond.

Here are four US boarding schools that best fit this bill:

Cardigan Mountain School

For 75 years, Cardigan Mountain School ‘s A structured and encouraging pre-college preparatory school program prepares boys in grades six to nine for a successful transition to high school and beyond.

Source: Cardigan Mountain School

The Cardigan Way helped the boys’ school identify several unique points to ensure a smoother integration of students. First, the student-teacher ratio is only four to one, which means that more attention can be paid to each boy to develop his maximum potential, especially at this crucial stage of growth.

Second, the school’s focus on individual growth is combined with its core values ​​of compassion, integrity, respect and courage in the unique PEAKS (Personalized Education for Knowledge and Skills Acquisition) curriculum. which allows all boys to identify and nurture their hidden strengths. . The dedicated PEAKS department helps boys explore the learning style that works best for them four days a week; PEAKS coaches are also available after school hours for mentoring and guidance.

Third, the Gates Invention and Innovation program, an annual competition running from fall to spring, offers boys a rich opportunity to showcase their creativity to research and present practical solutions to everyday problems.

Finally, with access to excellent facilities, as well as extensive extracurricular offerings in the arts and athletics, students here can hone their leadership and artistic skills in addition to their academic pursuits to become versatile students. . To learn more about how the school promotes not only academic success, but also the physical, social, ethical and personal growth of students, Click here.

Darlington School

With six English-style guesthouses run by full-time chefs on a 500-acre campus overlooking the idyllic Silver Lake at Lookout Mountain Range located just outside the interestingly named city of Rome, Darlington School students can expect their internship experience to be a memorable one. Darlington School includes elementary school, lower class, middle class, and senior school – all students in Grades 9 through 12 are eligible to join.

American boarding schools

The beautiful lake on the Darlington school campus. Source: Darlington School, Facebook

The teachers at Darlington School are known for their professionalism and attentiveness. They oversee the development of each student at all levels throughout the learning cycle which begins and ends with “Portrait of a Graduate”. Students actively learn through the competency-based program which identifies their learning personality through classes, sports or even after-school clubs.

A unique aspect of studying at Darlington School is its commitment to ensuring that all students receive the proper care and attention through 10 identified points of community well-being: social, creative, academic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, physical, relational and cultural.

The Darlington School’s Teaching and Learning Center complements this with its one-on-one tutoring for all students with learning disabilities at all levels. It is the only one in Georgia to offer a special program for learners with dyslexia – the Accelerated Learning Program for Dyslexia – in grades two to five.

Hilton Head Preparatory School

Located near the ocean and the Sea Pines Forest Preserve on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the accredited hotel Hilton Head Preparatory School welcomes 400 students from kindergarten to grade 12. With an average class size of 11 students and a 12 student-to-teacher ratio, parents can expect their children to receive a supportive education in one of the resort island’s finest settings.

American boarding schools

Sunset view from Hilton Head Preparatory School. Source: Hilton Head Preparatory School, Facebook

Hilton Head Preparatory School teachers are passionate educators; recruited from across the United States and abroad, at least 60% have master’s degrees and many have doctorates. With the belief that each child has a different way of learning based on their own strengths and interests, all of these teachers find opportunities to support their students accordingly.

In addition to having access to internal and external sports academies that prepare varsity athletes for college, the College Counseling program for advice and assistance in the college admissions process, and the Lower program. School Prep Plus, students can also participate in a variety of arts programs and perform community service.

International students can take advantage of the Intensive English program if they need additional help and embark on the Myrtle mixed residence.

Concorde Academy

Founded in 1922, with over 70 student clubs and organizations, co-education Concorde Academy, nestled on a 39-acre campus in Concord, Massachusetts, offers more than 230 courses in eight disciplines, including English, Computer Science, Modern and Classical Languages, History, and the Performing Arts.

American boarding schools

The peaceful campus of Concord Academy. Source: Concord Academy, Facebook

Class ranking systems and academic awards are not practiced here; instead, the faculty provides mid-term and end-of-semester assessments, allowing students to enjoy their studies rather than compete with each other.

Among the 395 students, 36% are of color and 10% are international; about 60% are day students. Six boarding schools along Main Street accommodate the remaining 40% of boarders – four house teachers look after them with the help of the director of the student house and the director of the house.

New residents can also apply to apply to the CARE (Concord Academy Residential Enrichment) program where they meet a CARE family, usually local parents of Concord students, to experience life at Concord.

Concord students have a close bond with the 68 world-class faculty members whose independent teaching style decides how their students learn a subject in the best and most creative way. The small class-to-six-student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to spend more time with each student.

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