4 inspiring schools in the United States, 4 paths to university success



International families can’t go wrong with an American education. Schools in the United States are known to stand out for their academic excellence, their focus on individual student learning, and their dedication to personal development. More importantly, each has a strong record of successful admissions to top colleges and universities.

By training students to become future athletes, artists, collaborators and leaders, they produce graduates who stand out in the pools of competitive candidates. Schools that offer boarding schools provide 24/7 exposure to this excellence. Residents of American schools often live and learn alongside a variety of peers who teach them the importance of appreciating and respecting different perspectives – another benefit that attracts the attention of admissions officers.

While the officers are impressed, the students are confident. In fact, studies show that 78% of residential school students feel prepared for college against only 28% of students in public schools. Half of these students obtain higher degrees, compared to 21% of public school students.

Now that we’ve highlighted the “why,” let’s move on to the “where,” here are four days and boarding schools in the United States known to offer the above and more:

Emblematic school

At Landmark School, every student has a curriculum they call their own. Source: Landmark School

Families looking for a highly effective and individualized educational approach will find everything they need at Landmark School. Located just 30 miles north of Boston – one of the fastest growing cities in the United States – this coeducational day school and boarding school specializes in the education and empowerment of learners diagnosed with dyslexia or another language-based learning disability (LBLD) for academic and social success.

How? ‘Or’ What? With personalized programs, one-on-one daily tutorial (orientation), classes of six to eight students, highly qualified teachers, robust extracurricular activities, community service and much more. Landmark is a leader in serving dyslexic students in the United States and internationally. Learn more about Landmark’s unique and proven approach.

Each student’s curriculum is tailored to their specific learning needs. It fosters respect, trust and a sense of trust to turn every obstacle into an opportunity.

“At Landmark, I am with students who also suffer from dyslexia, and my teachers fully understand me and understand how to teach me,” says Sunaina “Su” Hoon, an international student from New Delhi, India. “They encourage me to ask questions and ask for help. It’s really heartwarming to know that the people in class with me are having the same difficulties as me.

Su is a college preparatory student at Landmark School, which is as rigorous as it is holistic.

Landmark School offers three academic programs: the Expressive Language Program, the Founders Program, and the Preparation Program – each helps students develop their language skills and study for success in college, university and beyond. .

Every highly sought after program results in what graduates and their families call the Landmark Advantage.

Once students’ educational needs are met and they gain the social and emotional well-being they have always needed, they realize their potential and thrive. Ninety-four percent pursue their vocation in college or university. All of them get acceptance.

Take a virtual tour, hear from current students, and meet the admissions team.

The avant-garde school

Source: The avant-garde school

Vanguard School offers independent, coeducational, boarding and daytime education for grades 6-12. Source: The Vanguard School

The avant-garde school certainly does not lack zeal and pedagogical talent to achieve its mission: to help guide students in the development of their character and academic potential through academically rigorous and content-rich educational programs. This is where individualized, focused and study-oriented education meets a safe, supportive and compassionate community.

Here, learning is tailored to the needs of each student. Students are tested upon admissions, upon entering each school year, and collectively during the last term of school in April. Currently, the school has students with IQ levels of 70 to 140.

“By emphasizing individualized attention in the context of a small classroom, Vanguard ensures the academic, social and personal growth of each student,” says school principal Shannon Graves.

Vanguard School offers independent, coeducational, boarding and daytime education for grades 6 to 12. Each student receives an individualized program, bolstered by an 8: 1 student-teacher ratio, small class sizes, and technology to keep them engaged.

The 77-acre campus is home to 120 students and supports outdoor activities year-round. Here, teamwork, sportsmanship and character are nurtured. Students can choose from a range of sports including soccer, basketball, tennis, archery, swimming, golf and more.

New Hampton School

Source: New Hampton School

New Hampton School’s signature approach to education is an extension of the school’s mission and goals. Source: New Hampton School

Put on 340 magnificent hectares in the village of New Hampton, New Hampshire, 325 students work for a future that is not only successful, but fulfilling. Well-equipped, the New Hampton School is a co-ed college preparatory institution that hosts 12 residential houses, state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs, computer labs, research center, library, studios for every art, athletics complex and endless mountain area for outdoor exploration. The aim is to train lifelong learners who want to become active citizens of the world.

New Hampton School’s signature approach to education is an extension of the school’s mission and goals. The fully customizable Foundations of Learning Program shapes dynamic students by providing the rigor and support each student needs with International Baccalaureate, advanced placement and academic support offerings.

When it comes to nurturing interests and passions, the school ensures that every child has the opportunity to immerse themselves. Interschool teams include downhill skiing, baseball, cross-country skiing, equestrian sports, field hockey and more.

For creatives, there is several courses available in visual, digital and performing arts including comedic improvisation, environmental art, animation, graphic design, and photography – to name a few. The result? New Hampton’s senior class, made up of over 100 people, enjoys an impressive success rate, enroll in over 85 different colleges and universities.

Greenwood School

Source: Greenwood School

For decades, students from all over the world have chosen Greenwood School to study in a family, supportive and supportive atmosphere. Source: Greenwood School

Founded in 1978 in rural Putney, Vermont, Greenwood School is a small preparatory boarding school and day school for boys between the classes of 6 and 12. For decades, students from all over the world, including Spain and Singapore, have chosen to come here for a family, understanding and supportive atmosphere.

These are the traits needed to nurture talents who have struggled in traditional environments due to language-based learning differences such as dyslexia, executive function issues, ADD or ADHD, weaknesses in expression written, dysgraphia or mathematical difficulties such as dyscalculia.

The study program here is structured enough to ensure students with these differences develop the self-discipline and confidence they need to excel in independent studies. Main themes include: English, Arts, Math, History, Science, STEAM, Creations, and Language Literacy.

Outside of the classroom, students can be found socializing with their peers or faculty members; or embark on various excursions that contribute to their personal development. They play with puppies, cycle, kayak, train their bodies in the gym, explore in the STEAM lab, paint on canvases in the art studio, practice their favorite instruments in the music studio, and more. . These activities were put in place to ensure that young boys grow up to be talented young men.

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