4 US boarding schools prepare students for success in college and beyond

A successful future for your child begins with a good education that prepares them for the three important pillars of life: self, career and relationships. If they are educated from an early age, a bright future awaits them – in distinguished boarding schools in the United States, it is possible.

These institutions use a holistic learning framework that helps in character development. This includes carrying out various activities inside and outside the classroom that teach students the importance of responsibility, personal initiative, teamwork and even help them discover their hidden talents. In this way, the motivation for intellectual curiosity and self-esteem are harnessed, thereby satisfying the “self” component.

In addition, residents benefit from significant support. Personalized tutoring and college guidance give your child a competitive edge as they navigate the world after graduation.

Learning how to interact and form good relationships is also essential for their future. The best boarding schools take care of each student’s social and emotional needs, usually with a legion of trained academic staff and counselors, making the school a home away from home.

If you envision a solid foundation for your child’s future success, here are three US boarding schools to consider:

Army and Navy Academy

The Army and Navy Academy is ranked among the top 5 boarding schools in California by the World Scholarship Forum. Source: Army and Navy Academy

The Army and Navy Academy is a college-preparatory private boarding school exclusively for boys in grades 7-12. Located in San Diego, California with the Pacific Ocean on its doorstep, this elite college preparatory school is ranked among the top five boarding schools. California schools.

What sets the academy apart is its boy-centric approach. Its curriculum is based on University of California college and university entrance requirements, West Point-style leadership training, California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) athletics, dynamic clubs, and activities. extracurriculars.

It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as the California Association of Independent Schools. It is also a Gurian model school. Its scientifically proven and evidence-based approach to gender neutral learning focuses on how boys learn differently than girls. It motivates the boys, completes hands-on projects and sparks a genuine love for learning. It helps boys develop intellectual confidence, mental fitness, a growth mindset and basic skills.

The program offers 15 AP courses and several specialization courses. Students can participate in strong visual and performing arts (VPA) activities, more than 20 different clubs on campus, as well as field trips in the United States and abroad.

As the University of California is considered the best public university system in the United States, many of its graduates have enrolled in top universities such as

Georgetown, Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Brown, MIT, NYU, Cornell, Columbia, Boston College, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, USC, Purdue, Parsons School of Design, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland and many more fine institutions.

Beyond the classroom, they get information from mentors, participate in leadership programs and compete in CIF championships. Along the way, they acquire a plan for life, balancing mental, physical, social, and spiritual pursuits and enjoy their unparalleled access to all that California has to offer. To learn more about how the academy has changed lives since 1910, click here.

Brush Creek Academy

American boarding schools

At Brush Creek Academy, troubled teens learn life skills and a work ethic that can help transform their lives as adults. Source: Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Academy is located in the rural town of Jay, Oklahoma in the Ozarks and one of the largest Cherokee Nation reservations in the United States. This is a low cost boarding school with strong Christian values ​​to help teens turn their lives around and carve out a successful future.

To achieve this, students complete a 12-15 month residential program accredited by Teen Challenge USA, aimed at fostering student growth. A five-level therapy system is incorporated to teach students about appreciation, gratitude, responsibility, submission to authority, self-control, leadership, time management, and a strong work ethic.

As students improve and progress, they are rewarded with more privileges, freedom, and responsibilities. At Brush Creek Academy, improvement is not only centered on the individual but also on their environment.

The unique animal therapy program offered at the facility helps students learn responsibility, confidence, leadership skills, and accountability in caring for animals.

On-site programs teach boys respect for personal responsibility, integrity, honesty and dependability in order to build a strong foundation within the student to make positive changes for their future – to which they have.

Brush Creek Academy students have participated in outreach programs that reach beyond U.S. borders through mission trips as well. The students traveled to Swaziland, New York, Los Angeles, Rwanda, Haiti, Burundi and the Dominican Republic. His current annual trips include a Teen Challenge in Costa Rica and a Teen Challenge Rwanda in Kigali, Africa.

Sacred Heart Woodlands Academy

American boarding schools

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart received the coveted award of being the #1 all-girls school for three consecutive years, as well as the top Catholic high school in Illinois. Source: Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Woodlands Academy is a private all-girls school based on Roman Catholic values ​​located on a spacious and scenic 41-acre campus in Lake Forest, Illinois. It serves girls in grades 9-12 and won the coveted award of be the #1 girl and Catholic school in Illinois, and is listed as a Blue Ribbon National School.

The success behind the awards and honors that Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart received can be attributed to the four-level system that the school integrates. They include Advanced Placement, Honours, College Prep 1 and College Prep 2 courses. Placement in any of the classes is based on the skill development and intellectual maturity demonstrated by the students.

The carefully designed level system bears fruitful results for its graduates. For the Class of 2017, 32% of graduates were named Illinois State Scholars.

The high academic success rate of Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart graduates testifies to the ingenuity university council support that the school offers. Students attend sessions with college counselors to help them make informed choices about their plans after high school. These sessions include one-on-one meetings, college skills courses, information sessions and workshops.

Boarders earn more here. They live in a nurturing community that they can truly call home, form invaluable friendships, learn to be independent, coexist with different personalities, and take on new responsibilities in group life – all of which prepares them for a life in the future. beyond their high school years. .

Cushing Academy

Located just 60 miles from Boston, students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to explore their path to academic success at Cushing Academy. The school’s 162-acre campus welcomes students from more than 30 countries and 30 US states. Here, students quench their intellectual thirst with a combination of outstanding scholars while enjoying Cushing’s strong athletic, artistic, and cultural offerings.

The best part? Every international student who arrives here is assured of a smooth transition into their new life. A dedicated faculty offers day-to-day support to help with cultural adjustment, homesickness and academic planning. ESL courses are also available for non-native English speakers.

By opting for boarding, students benefit from this personalized orientation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, alongside 92% of Cushing students who currently live and learn in an inclusive community. Together they identify and explore their talents, abilities and interests on campus.

Cushing offers comprehensive programs in both visual and performing arts. Budding athletes are also spoiled for choice with the school’s state-of-the-art sports facilities. Meanwhile, those who love community involvement stay engaged through various activities, clubs and organizations.

In the classroom, Cushing’s Signature Academic Program covers core courses, specialized courses, advanced level (AP) courses and independent study for a total of 210 minutes per week. Each student is assigned an academic advisor throughout their school experience to ensure they stay on track.

Parents, near or far, can contact these experts at any time to monitor their child’s progress and keep up to date with their achievements. To learn more about how to become a penguin, Click here.

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