9 Best Ab Rollers to Strengthen Your Core

Strength training is an essential part of any running routine, with core exercises being among the most important. A strong core stabilizes your entire body, helping runners move more efficiently and faster. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have time for long gym sessions while tackling our weekly miles. Ab rollers are a very effective and productive way to strengthen your entire core and upper body, while staying on time and on budget.

All you need is some simple equipment, a mat for your knees, and 5-10 minutes to practice. To make shopping easier, we’ve rounded up the nine best ab rollers to spice up your running routine and strengthen your core.

The best abdominal rollers

What to consider

If you’ve never used an ab roller before, be aware that they require a decent amount of core strength to start with, so if you don’t have a lot of core strength, you might want to start with a few core strength exercises. basis for injury prevention. . Additionally, you will need to ensure that your form is good enough to protect your lower back during exercise. If your back can’t stay straight and starts to arch, you risk a pull or strain in your back.

If you have access to a local gym, you can test out a standard ab roller and gauge your fitness level. This will give you an idea if you want to select a product with an ultra-wide wheelbase for added safety, or if you can opt for one that adds extra strength and difficulty. Prioritizing your comfort when using an ab roller is crucial in deciding which one is right for you, as well as whether or not you plan to travel with it.

How we selected

Since ab rolling can cause injury if done incorrectly or with faulty equipment, we have chosen only rollers that are safe and reliable. The number one priority we considered was to ensure that these products were both stable and grippy. Most of them have extra wide wheels and/or spring resistance to provide extra stability.

We then narrowed our list down to those with the highest number of positive user reviews. While traditional ab rollers don’t have much deviation in their design, these products are all unique and best suited to athletes with a range of needs, from price to fitness level to portability.

Check out some of our favorite ab machines to strengthen your core.

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