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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – All Kinds of Therapy ( announces 11 new nonprofit advertising partners. These non-profit organizations cover the entire continuum of care, from hospital assessment and stabilization to residential and transitional treatment options, including residential schools for adolescents and young adults. All Kinds of Therapy, The Only Family-Friendly Transition Treatment Website Directory in Private Paid Behavioral Health Care Fact Finder and Addiction Treatment Options for Young Adults and Adolescents.

When families in crisis find all kinds of therapies and find out the facts about levels of care (treatment models, professional workloads, daily costs, etc.), they can finally compare transitional treatment options for substance abuse, a behavioral health crisis or a new diagnosis or school difficulties for their teenager or young adult. Mental Health America reported that 13.84% of young people (ages 12 to 17) had at least one major depressive episode (MDE) in 2021, an increase of over 206,000 from the data set from last year. Johns Hopkins reported that more than one in four Americans aged 18 and over suffered from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year ( mental-health-disorder-statistics). Treatment helps build resilience. “We find that students coming out of wilderness therapy or boarding school have a high level of personal insight and understanding of their academic and social needs,” said Helen Waldron, M.Ed., director of admissions and financial aid to Oxford Academy in Connecticut. . “Students who have had an intervention uplift our boarding community (school) and often share new leadership skills.”

The All Kinds of Therapy website directory allows users to compare programs in a way that removes the publicity, providing side-by-side treatment facts at transition. Each advertiser must provide the same information. “We advertise on because every advertiser has the same benefits, regardless of their marketing budget,” said Elaine Vance, Director of Outreach for Windhorse Integrative Mental Health (MA, CA, OR). With most web directories, advertisers can pay to be on top or have an ad promoted. All advertisers are promoted in the same way, every time a visitor enters the website or filters by age diagnosis or type of treatment, the ads rotate evenly across the page.

Each advertising partner works with the entire family system, All Kinds of Therapy highlights typical student issues and many treatment models, different outside and extracurricular components and many other accolades. “Transition processing is becoming more and more specialized, and it’s exciting to bring this level of diversity from nonprofit organizations,” said Jenney Wilder, MSEd, producer of the website.

All Kinds of Therapy is proud to announce the addition of the following nonprofit treatment programs to the bridging options: Goodale School (NC), Intermountain (MT), Menninger (TX), Mountain Valley Treatment Center (NH), Rose Hill Center (MI), Silver Hill Hospital (CT), Windhorse (OR), North Country School (NY), Maplebrook School (NY), Oxford Academy (CT) and Providence Farm (IL).

Launched in 2015, All Kinds of Therapy is a web-based platform that focuses on interventions, assessment, and various types of treatment-to-transition programs for those 30 and under. All advertisers on the website should respond to revealing facts about their treatment model, clinician education, licensing, ownership that provides a level of transparency different from any other online treatment, internship, or professional directory. The platform allows visitors to compare all levels of care side by side and find an “expert” to facilitate the transition process and the family system. The blog provides an educational space for parents and young adults to share current trends and gain a better understanding of Family Choice’s areas of behavioral health and addiction.


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