Auditor General’s 2021 Report: 9 Technical Universities Cannot Account for GHC 34 Million

Financial irregularities in nine of the country’s 10 technical universities resulted in a financial loss of GH¢34,876,924 to the state.

Accra Technical University, according to the Auditor General’s Report on Technical Universities which was submitted to Parliament, recorded no financial irregularities in 2021.

Among the failing institutions, Koforidua Technical University is the biggest culprit, registering an irregularity of GH¢21,142,821.

Ho Technical University recorded violations of GH¢4,472,995, followed by Bolgatanga Technical University with GH¢3,529,793.

With an infraction of GH¢2,513,076, Kumasi Technical University was followed by Cape Coast Technical University with irregularities of GH¢2,144,029.

The others are Takoradi Technical University, GH¢583,123, Wa Technical University, GH¢371,842, Tamale Technical University, GH¢69,617 and Sunyani Technical University, GH¢49,560 .

The report, signed by the Auditor General, Johnson AkuamoahAsiedu, states that the irregularities were recorded in the areas of contracts, GH¢20,909,101, outstanding loans and recoverable charges, GH¢7,792,954.

The rest are payroll irregularities, GH¢3,396,381, purchases, GH¢2,066,600 and GH¢711,888 in cash.

The 132-page report attributed the GH¢20,909,101 contract irregularity to delays in construction projects at Koforidua Technical University.

“The delays in completing the projects were mainly due to the non-payment by the Ghana Education Trust Fund of the provisional certificates issued for the work carried out,” explains the report.

Of the more than GH¢7 million in outstanding debts and loans, the AG report states that it relates to student and staff debtors.

“Of the total amount, GH¢2,708,282 and GH¢4,170,423 represented fees due from Bolgatanga and Ho Technical Universities.

The payroll irregularities, according to the report, mainly included “unearned wages, failure to terminate separate staff after termination dates and payment of severance without approval.”

Attributing the irregularity in the supply of GH¢2 million to non-compliance with the law on public procurement by school management, the report indicates that 1.4 million GH¢ concerns the construction of a new block mechanics at the Technical University of Cape Coast without recourse to law.

The GA, meanwhile, noted that 22 programs run by the Technical University of Accra had their accreditation certificates expired for the period March 2019 to December 2021.

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