Central Florida 100: Gabby Petito, Haitian migrants and the new surgeon general



Joanie Schirm, founding president of the GEC; Chairman of the 1994 Orlando World Cup Committee

Last week: ABORTION BILL: When the GOP-led Texas legislature passed a draconian anti-abortion law ending women’s right to choose, Florida women knew that a similar unconstitutional bill was heading towards we. At the time, Governor Ron DeSantis said: “I am pro-life. I welcome pro-life legislation. What they did in Texas was interesting. I am going to take it a little more seriously. Now, in this life and death period of “freedom of choice during the pandemic” that affects us all, DeSantis is silent on what has been called the heartbeat bill. Trapped in the midst of two political issues, DeSantis knows his choice will affect whether dozens of women re-elect him as governor, future president, or just dog catcher.

Looking forward: UBER PAY: After a short trip recently, an Uber driver picked us up from Orlando International Airport. The courteous driver who greeted us at the house briefed us on the rainy weather of the past week and the events in Orlando, while sharing some interesting life stories. The rate was $ 25.94, a great deal, and we gave him a well-deserved tip. When I reviewed the bill I learned that the toll authority got $ 1.15, Uber’s booking fee was $ 6.34 and to pick us up from the curb of the OIA, the airport surcharge was $ 5.80. I was shocked at how little our driver and his car received as a “travel fare”: $ 12.65. Fair?


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