Connecticut Universities and Colleges Requiring COVID Booster Injections for Next Semester

(WTNH) – With positive rates of COVID-19 rising and fear of the new omicron variant, several Connecticut colleges and universities have required booster shots for those returning to campus for the next semester.

Yale University COVID-19 Coordinator Stephanie Spangler sent a letter regarding COVID-19 booster injections, saying in part, “Given these findings against the backdrop of the current wave of infections, University leaders have decided that all eligible students be required to receive reminders before returning to campus for the spring semester. Additionally, all faculty and staff should receive reminders as soon as they become eligible. “

Wesleyan University will require reminders for all students, staff and faculty and beyond the university’s vaccine tenure policy.

“Thanks to our high vaccination rates, mask warrants and robust testing protocols, the Wesleyan campus community has consistently maintained lower COVID-19 positivity rates than our surrounding region,” wrote the president of Wesleyan University, Michael Roth. “The vast majority of faculty, students and staff are currently eligible to receive their booster and must upload a copy of their updated immunization card to WesPortal, showing the date they received their booster, by Friday the 14th. January. “

Another college requiring booster injections is the University of the Sacred Heart. In a letter sent, officials from Sacré-Coeur school said all students, faculty and staff who plan to be on campus must receive the full COVID-19 vaccination, including a booster .

Those exempt from this requirement are students enrolled in fully online programs, faculty students, and staff who may have requested a religious or medical exemption prior to the 2021-2022 academic year.

In addition to the recall warrants, Yale school officials sent a letter to students and staff at Yale, saying they wanted students to be able to return home now, rather than risk spreading COVID-19 in the finals in person.

From December 19, all exams will either be remote or instructors will offer remedial exams or alternative methods to complete the semester.

To help students adjust to the sudden change, Yale officials are offering students the following options.

If your instructor offers a remote exam at the scheduled time, you can take that exam at that time or choose to defer it as described below.

If you need to postpone academic work due to your travel disruption, synchronous exam, home exam, final assignment, etc., you can request and receive this permission from your college dean. residential; TIor ABX’s temporary grade will appear on your transcript.

If your instructor offers the option to cancel the final exam and base your final grade on the work you have already submitted this semester, you will have the additional but non-reversible choice of accepting that grade, converting it to the grade. of “CR” (which will not count towards the regular credit / D / failure score limit), or request an ABX from your resident college dean and catch up as described above.

If your instructor chooses to replace the final exam with another assignment, please follow these instructions.

Marvin Chun (Dean of Yale College), Tamar Gendler (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences), Lynn Cooley (Dean of Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences)

Yale classes are still scheduled to resume on Jan. 18, but officials said students should allow for the possibility of some or all of the activities taking place remotely at the start of the semester.

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