Decision to keep United out of JobKeeper justified, analysis finds


“Thirty universities received an average of 47% of their revenues from the government,” Mr. Norton said. The Australian Financial Review.

“It’s a solid financial foundation that has made 2020 relatively stable for them.”

Even with more favorable rules, most universities would not have qualified for JobKeeper, he said.

Aid to private universities

University leaders went wild when it was revealed last September that New York University’s Sydney campus was received $ 16.5 million in JobKeeper. Bond, Torrens, and Theological University private universities also received JobKeeper payments.

While Australia’s 37 public universities were unable to access it despite around 17,000 job losses, Norton’s analysis reveals that at least 12 universities have received JobKeeper through one or more affiliates.

JobKeeper’s goal was to support the private sector, he said. The charitable status of universities was also a barrier, as they charged high fees to students in low- and middle-income countries to generate big profits, using cheap, precarious staff to teach them.

However, the medium-term outlook for most universities is dire, especially those that relied on mainly Indian international students. Unlike Chinese students, who have gone online to study in greater numbers than expected, Indian students have rather dropped out, Norton said.

While the October 2020 budget provided for $ 1 billion for research and an additional $ 500 million for short courses, this funding was due to dry up at the end of 2021.

With the pipeline of beginning students being seriously compromised due to the border closures, it would be essential to consider other support programs, Norton said.

“Since this is a long-term problem, we need tailor-made policies that will help the entire industry, not just those with big incomes in 2020. This crisis will continue. for a few more years. “

The risk of financial collapse of certain universities was not excluded.

“There’s a chance, but aggressive cost cuts are what universities are doing to try and stop this,” he said.

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