Declining income leads to increased enrollment at MCD schools in Delhi

There has been a significant increase in the number of children studying in Delhi Municipal Corporation schools over the past 5 years. This year 93,696 children were admitted to South Delhi Municipal Corporation primary school, 84,120 to North MCD and over 40,000 children were admitted to East Delhi Municipal Corporation schools.

Why this increase in enrollment at MCD school

According to Mukesh Suryan, mayor of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, people are heading to municipal schools because of the major changes made to the education system in their schools by the MCD. The level of education in society’s schools is continuously improving, so people enroll their children in these schools, he said.

According to Mukesh, various educational programs and activities are being carried out in the primary schools of the company, for parents to admit their children to MCD schools.

According to sources, one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of children in MCD schools is that the small nursing homes and play schools that have been opened in the residential settlements have been closed in response to Covid-19.

At the same time, parents’ income has also been affected, as they have their children admitted to municipal schools.

Meanwhile, a teacher from the Karol Bagh area said she did not receive her salary for 3 months, which led to her defaulting on her loan payments.

“Due to lack of money, I had my child admitted from a private school to a public school because I could not afford the school fees,” she said.

“My husband is a tennis coach, but due to the academy being closed he has been home for 2 years so I am the sole breadwinner at home,” she added.

Major transfer of students to MCD schools

About 76,084 children have been admitted to the primary class this year at North Delhi Municipal Corporation and about 8,034 children have been admitted to the pre-primary.

In addition, around 33,000 children were admitted to primary classes and 7,000 children were admitted to pre-primary classes of East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Apart from this, around 12,000 children were admitted to the pre-primary classes of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, while 78,000 children were admitted to the primary classes.

Parents’ perspective on the shift

Parents enrolling their children in MCD schools said that since Covid-19 caused schools to close for the last 2 sessions, classes have been conducted online. Despite this, they had to pay fees of 5 to 10,000 rupees per month for primary classes.

In such a situation, they found switching to MCD schools a better option.

Apart from that, a drop in profits due to Corona is seen as a major factor for change.

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