Factors to consider when choosing a school for your child

As children move into new classes in the upcoming term, many parents are faced with the task of finding suitable schools for their children.

Choosing a good school for their child is one of the most important decisions every parent has to make in today’s world.

It is the first step in providing the child with a solid foundation on which to build a prosperous future in an increasingly difficult world.

Choosing a good school requires careful and objective consideration of critical factors in the context of the contemporary economic, social, security, regulatory, legal and media climate.

Location for easy accessibility

The location of a school should be such that it is easily accessible to parents from all parts of the city in which the school is located, and parents with children at different grades should consider schools with different sections such as crèche, nursery, primary and secondary sections in one place, which allows for logistical convenience and more careful management of time and financial resources in terms of school trips for parents.

Quality of education

The school of choice for your child should offer nothing less than a world-class holistic academic, physical and moral education to learners. The fact cannot be overstated. The assumption that good schools always cost a fortune is not always correct.

Serene environment, spacious storage space

A serene and conducive environment ensures an effective and productive teaching and learning experience. The breakdown of ethical frameworks for school licensing, regulation and supervision has resulted in the location of “schools” in or around the wrong and noisy environments like car parks, shopping complexes, intersections, residential apartments, event centers, etc. Schools located in such locations should be avoided by knowledgeable parents.

The specious packing space in the school premises makes it easy and quick for parents to drop off and pick up their wards during school runs.

Quality of facilities

School infrastructure must be first class and tailor-made for educational purposes and not just suitable for the purposes of school operation. Evaluate school buildings, classrooms, administrative offices, assembly and administrative offices to ensure that they have been specifically designed and developed for educational purposes.

Consider science and ICT labs. Music and art workshops. Library, playgrounds and sports facilities. What about the clinic and amenities? The water and electricity supply networks and the back-ups. Are they available? Are they well equipped?

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities in schools include things like sports, clubs, and societies; excursions, musical, cultural and exchange programs; speeches, seminars, symposiums, workshops on special occasions such as career and farewell days; etc These activities are very important for the overall development of the learners. Find out whether or not extracurricular activities are reflected in the school calendar.

Ensure that the School organizes regular training and competitions to identify, promote and hone talent in various sports activities.

Educational Technology Deployment

The deployment of educational technology platforms, including automated school management systems, facilitates the effective implementation of academic and administrative processes. This makes the conduct of academic, administrative and financial transactions transparent and easy for schools and parents. Additionally, good proactive schools need to turn to online learning platforms in the current educational climate.

Safety and Security

Nothing should be more important to a parent than the safety and security of the child in today’s security environment. And nothing should be more important to a school than the safety and security of learners, parents, staff and the school environment. Parents should inquire about school safety protection, prevention and precautionary measures and programs in the school. These programs and measures are generally not intended for public analysis on media platforms.

Affordable fees

Parents should choose schools that are run based on the vision of providing education as a social responsibility initiative and not as a for-profit enterprise; a vision of building a strong foundation of outstanding ethical, moral, character, and academic excellence necessary for success; of piety. This provides an opportunity for children of all socio-economic levels, especially those whose circumstances offer a chance to access quality education in private schools. There are schools like this across the country. Parents should invest the effort to seek them out.

Up-to-date licenses and permits

Investigate to ensure that your school choice for your child has all the licenses and permits required for the operation of the school, dutifully updated as needed. This can easily be verified with relevant government licensing and regulatory agencies.


As the saying goes, the taste of pudding is in the eating of it. The impact of the factors listed above should be reflected in learners’ performance on external exit examinations such as the Basic Education Certificate and the ethically-based secondary school certificate examinations.

Written by Ike Oyenchere; Editing by Daniel Adejo

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