Free or reduced tuition now extends to all University of Minnesota campuses



This opportunity will be a huge relief for some, if not many families in the Native American community. “It really removes at least one barrier, financial for low to moderate income Native American learners. And, in addition to the freshman in 2022, he will also be offered for tribal college transfers. So the hope is that we let’s get this pipeline going through two-year degrees and uh take some of those barriers to getting a four-year degree, ”Ms. Diver told us.

According to the University of Minnesota website, University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel says the University has focused on improving this program for 170 years. “We have been very honest from my early days as President that we need to better serve the citizens of our tribal nations and their communities.” Gabel says that “the program is a significant step in increasing access and continuing to improve retention and graduation rates while closing the gap in opportunity …”

Eligible students with an annual family income of less than $ 75,000 can participate tuition-free. Those with families earning up to $ 125,000 per year will be eligible for tuition reductions of up to 80% to 90%.


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