Governor orders Uttar Pradesh universities to distribute old degrees to students at no cost


Governor Anandiben Patel on Thursday ordered state universities to disburse pending degrees from previous years to students free of charge.

While suggesting that a special campaign should be organized in this regard, the governor formed a committee of ten members under the chairmanship of the additional chief secretary, governor, Mahesh Kumar Gupta to ensure 100% distribution of the diplomas.

The decision was taken following a recent information submitted to the governor by state universities in which it was mentioned that a large number of diplomas from previous years had not yet been distributed. Some of these degrees were more than a decade old, and universities had to use their resources to keep them safe.

“In view of this, the governor suggested that the universities make arrangements for the rapid distribution of these degrees. The governor also suggested that universities distribute all diplomas during or immediately after their summons and remove unnecessary rules to facilitate the system, ”said the additional chief secretary, governor, Mahesh Kumar Gupta.

Gupta further said: “The committee suggested that the requirement to accept an application from applicants for old degrees should be removed and that the new relaxations should be announced to encourage people to take their old degrees. . “

In addition, it has also been decided that the universities will make available diplomas in Digi Locker, levy the diploma fee of the students of the last year of the academic session or, together with the fee of the last semester, obtain a certificate of non- student contribution before issuing final grade sheets or provisional diploma, obtain the student’s address for the possibility of sending the diploma by post.

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