Indiana Chamber of Commerce Fights for Business Autonomy on COVID-19 Vaccines | Northwest Indiana Business Titles


The chamber will likely have to resume this fight in January, as key Hoosier lawmakers appear determined to establish in law specific exemptions from employer mandates on COVID-19 vaccines that could increase Hoosier companies’ costs for COVID-19 testing. , treatment and loss of work. hours.

“The vaccine itself is widely available and free to employees, which is why we believe employers shouldn’t have to pay for those who choose not to take the vaccine and instead have weekly tests.” , said Brinegar.

“We continue to emphasize that employers are in the best position to make decisions about immunization requirements that impact their workforces and their work environment.”

Beyond COVID-19, Brinegar said the chamber will focus next year at the Statehouse on helping with policies that allow Indiana businesses to attract and retain qualified employees on a extremely competitive labor market.

He said this includes encouraging remote workers to relocate to Hoosier State, promoting entrepreneurship among young people, strengthening college and career readiness among middle school students. and high school students in Indiana, and most importantly, improving access to high-quality child care.

“The lack of affordable, high-quality child care in Indiana is one of the external factors that has the most negative impact on attracting and retaining workers,” said Brinegar.


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