Ministry hails COVID-19 program in Islamic boarding schools


Achieving herd immunity with a minimum of 70% requires hard work and rapid problem solving, and in this case the pesantren community is our target.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Religious Affairs hailed the Kita Jaga Kyai program implemented by the National Alms Giving Agency (Baznas) to support efforts to combat COVID-19 in Islamic boarding schools.

Kita Jaga Kyai program is a real action to maintain health in the boarding school environment, such as Muslim students, staff and preachers (kyai), ”said Tarmizi Tohor, waqf director of alms and empowerment to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, in a press release received here. Friday.

The programs implemented by Baznas to control COVID-19 are part of the use of alms, infaq and donations for the benefit of people, he informed.

“This is a form of community concern for the Kyai’s role and function as the pillar of the nation’s defense. Hopefully this program can trigger and motivate by supporting the optimization of handout management. “, he remarked.

Baznas runs the Kita Jaga Kyai program to help reduce cases of transmission of COVID-19 in Islamic boarding schools, he noted.

The program includes vaccination services, distribution of immunity and hygiene kits, health screening services, as well as assistance to patients in self-isolation, Tohor said.

“This program is in line with government programs to achieve collective immunity. It can be accelerated through the COVID-19 vaccination program,” said Baznas President Noor Ahmad.

“Achieving collective immunity with a minimum of 70% requires hard work and rapid problem solving, and in this case the Islamic boarding community is our target,” Ahmad explained.

As a state agency mandated to distribute alms, infaq and other religious social funds, Baznas must take care of Muslim preachers, who are important religious figures, in the midst of the pandemic, he said. declared.

Baznas is also playing a role in efforts to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s economic situation, he said.

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