OVERNIGHT ENERGY: EPA to Review Part of Cancer-Related Chemicals Regulations at Industry’s Request | House GOP to launch climate caucus | Haaland announces program to examine impact of Indigenous boarding schools


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TAKE A SECOND LOOK: EPA to review part of cancer chemicals regulations at industry’s request

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will reconsider decisions underlying a rule governing emissions of a chemical it has found to be carcinogenic following a request from an industry group.

The agency told stakeholders in letters dated last week that it would reconsider its information on the risks to ethylene oxide, a chemical that the EPA currently claims to be carcinogenic if inhaled.

The EPA also said it would reconsider its earlier decision not to use a much lower risk finding from the state of Texas as an alternative risk value.

The backstory: Last year, the American Chemistry Council (ACC), a trade group representing chemical manufacturers, asked the EPA to reconsider the value of its risk information system for ethylene oxide. and review the Texas assessment.

Environmentalists have raised concerns over the Texas discovery and have taken legal action to try to force the state to release the documents used as a technical basis for it.

And what do people think ??? The ACC welcomed the Biden administration’s decision to reconsider these parts of the rule in a statement.

Conservationists have argued that the EPA’s current review could add something positive if it asserts its existing risk value, and they hope the agency will use that assertion to strengthen the rule.

But some have also expressed concern that they are still waiting to find out whether the Biden administration will take tougher measures to protect people.

Read more on the subject here.

COMING SOON, AT A HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES NEAR YOU: House GOP will launch the climate caucus

House Republicans will launch a caucus on Wednesday to educate its members about climate change.

The effort, led by Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah), will not endorse particular policies, but will instead attempt to give members information, new strategies on how to talk about the issue and possibly even to change your mind about climate change.

Based on personal experience: Curtis told The Hill in an interview on Tuesday that it took him a long time to “get my feet on the climate beneath me” and that he hoped to help his colleagues do the same.

“At first, when I was asked at public meetings if the climate is changing and man influences it, I wasn’t answering this question, I was dodging this question, I don’t think I knew the answer to this question. Curtis said.

“I didn’t really know which solutions were good solutions, I didn’t know which ones I could support,” he said. “It was like, and I think a lot of Republicans think this way, that I had to endorse the Green New Deal if I was to… be part of the solution and a lot of Republicans find it troubling.”

Learn more about the caucus here.

A NEW REVIEW: Haaland announces program to examine impact of Native American boarding schools

Secretary of the Interior Deb HaalandDeb HaalandEquilibrium – Presented by NextEra Energy – A New Final Frontier: Washing Dirty Laundry in the Space NIGHT ENERGY: Haaland: No plan “at this time” for a permanent drilling rental ban | Heat wave triggers historically unusual wildfires in the West | Watchdog Calls on Pentagon to Detail Spending on Cleaning Up ‘Chemicals Forever’ Heat Wave Sparks Historically Out of Season Wildfires in the West MORE, the nation’s first Native American Cabinet Secretary, on Tuesday announced an initiative that will examine the legacy of federal residential schools that many Indigenous children were forced to attend.

Haaland announced the Federal Indian Residential Schools Initiative in remarks at the 2021 mid-year conference of the National Congress of American Indian. The program, which will be carried out under the leadership of Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Bryan Newland, will assess the impacts of schools across generations.

The agency chief separately asked the Home Office to prepare a report detailing the initiative’s findings, including files on cemeteries or other possible burial sites linked to the federal residential schools. A mass grave believed to contain the remains of more than 200 children was discovered last month at the site of one such facility in Canada.

Learn more about the program here.

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