River’s Edge Theater Company to present RIVERSIDE HAUNTS this month



River’s Edge Theater Company presents “Riverside Haunts”, a chilling storytelling performance that perfectly blends Hudson Valley history, creative fiction and live music. The show will take place October 28-29 (rain date is October 30) outside at the Good Witch Coffee Bar in Hastings on Hudson, NY. Show time is at 7 p.m. Five ghosts share their spooky stories about love, hate, and what it means to live and die by the Hudson River. Recommended for an adult audience only.

Local actors Ed Herbstman (Hastings on Hudson), Jessica carmen (Ossining), Traci Redmond (Dobbs Ferry), Mika Wurf (Dobbs Ferry) and Bryant Lewis (Bronx) will embody the ghosts of the bygone era of Rivertown. Local musicians Joanna Levine and Jupiter Dune will provide the musical score. Meghan Covington, artistic director and co-founder of River’s Edge Theater Co., will be the playwright and director of the show.

The five stories featured in “Riverside Haunts” are inspired by the history of Rivertown in the Lower Hudson Valley from colonial times through the 1940s. The Hastings Historical Society, Ardsley Historical Society, and area history books and articles have helped bring these stories to life.

“Lavender Lady”, played by Jessica carmen, is inspired by the spirit of a young immigrant who is said to reside in the famous Armor-Stiner Octagon House in Irvington. Carl Cramer, the well-known writer who lived in the Octagon House published a story describing the origins of the ghost as well as his own encounter with the spirit while living in the iconic residence. In the tale “Riverside Haunts” we hear his side of the story.

“The New Girl,” played by Mika Wurf, tells the story of a city girl who leaves her apartment to live at the Ardsley Heights Country School for Girls. The school served as a boarding school for Ardsley. NY in the 1940s, and the book “Sunday” by Tina Louise (Tina played Ginger from Gilligan’s Island) inspired this story. Tina wrote the book as a memoir about her time at school, revealing horrific memories of how she was treated as a student. River’s Edge Theater co-founders Meghan and David Covington currently live in the former school dormitory with their three daughters. “The New Girl” ends up enjoying her time at school … until she gets into trouble.

“The Hermit”, played by Ed Herbstman, is based on the tales of the Irvington hermit who once lived alone in the Irvington Woods in the mid-19th century. Historians say the hermit spoke several languages, bathed in the Saw Mill River, and slept in his own coffin for the latter part of his life. His grave can still be found on the trail today by following the Hermit’s Grave (HG) trail markers. In “The Hermit” we learn more about this mysterious character and his strange ways.

“The Captive”, played by Traci Redmond, takes place among the Weckquaesgeek tribe who resided at Dobbs Ferry near Wicker Creek. This story was inspired by a historical account that colonial women who were taken captive by Native Americans often decided to stay with the tribes. Women were held in higher esteem in Native American circles compared to the European patriarchal view. What happens when the Dutch find out their wives want to stay?

“The Visitor”, played by Bryant Lewis, is inspired by the old Chauncey house that was abandoned and left in the woods at Dobbs Ferry in the mid-19th century. The structure became known as the “haunted house” before it was demolished and replaced by the children’s village. This story also includes facts about Dudley’s Grove, which was a steamboat excursion destination in the 19th century. In “The Visitor”, a town man finds more adventures than he expected.

“These stories will appeal to both history buffs and horror fans,” said writer / director Meghan Covington. She also points out that River’s Edge Theater Co’s mission to inspire social change plays a big part in this production. Social injustice and discrimination will be addressed in these disturbing stories. “Our society is rife with some pretty fierce demons, so members of the public can expect to explore deep-rooted issues that still haunt America today.”

For tickets and more information visit www.riversedgeheatre.com/onstage.


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