Schools, colleges and universities may soon take up space in downtown Traverse City


A staff-initiated amendment by the Traverse City Planning Commissioner could allow schools, colleges and universities to occupy space in the C-4 Regional District, which is in downtown Traverse City.

“We’re looking for uses that generate year-round activity,” said Shawn Winter, director of planning for Traverse City. “Winter is when we tend to be a little slower. Therefore, schools would be a great way to keep this activity going. “

The Traverse City Development Authority is also pushing to bring schools to the heart of the city.

“It brings creativity, energy and innovation, which are exactly the words we strive for to have a healthy downtown,” said Jean Decency, president and CEO of the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority.

The Children’s House is one of the schools hoping to have an educational space for their junior high school students downtown. The school believes that expanding its learning space to the city center will give students a unique opportunity to learn through businesses, nonprofits and government agencies in the region.

The Planning Commission voted 5-2 to allow schools, colleges and universities to come to downtown Traverse City Area.

The next step is for the Traverse City Council of Commissioners to vote on the amendment proposed by the staff.

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