Seeking top talent at UK universities, Creator Fund raises $20m

Convinced that the next generation of major European tech companies will be built on university campuses, the early-stage venture capital fund investing in cutting-edge technologies emerging from universities, Creator Fund has closed a $20 million fund. This second, larger fund will invest in the UK’s brightest scientific minds and help them scale businesses.

The fund supports PhDs, scholars, and students creating cutting-edge technology startups in areas such as AI and life sciences, robotics, and quantum computing. He also closed a smaller European fund dedicated to angel investments in universities across Europe.

So what does the fund bring new to the table? Bringing the Dorm Room Fund model from Silicon Valley to Europe, the fund aims to be the partner of any founding student from Stockholm to Zurich to Cambridge. He has trained over 80 students at 28 different universities to research and analyze startups in the field. These “student investors” go on to work in top-tier funds upon graduation and build the power of the Creator Fund network.

Jamie Macfarlane, Founder and CEO, said, “Our primary goal is to be there from the start, helping truly innovative PhD students build technology companies based on scientific discovery or technical innovation. Next comes the training of a wide range of the next generation of investors. Over the past two years, I’m proud to see our portfolio companies thrive and our student investors become some of Europe’s top VCs, join our companies and become LPs in CF. »

Creator Fund invests in students and faculty who create businesses “at the frontier of the possible”. Its 16 investments to date include cutting-edge technologies that develop mutation-resistant vaccines, electronic skin for robots, brainwave-reading software to control machines, and autonomous drones. His early discoveries include BaseImmune, Touchlab and RecyclEye.

It has over 70 LPs, including the founders of companies such as Wayve,, Faculty, SuperAwesome and Privitar. It has also been backed by GPs from a number of European investment firms, including Kindred Capital,, Elkstone, MMC Ventures and Episode1. It was also backed by Rockmount Capital, Basecamp and BWC. Founders Factory and Lord Rumi Verjee are the founding investors.

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