Several Nations Clip Wings of Flyers with Indian-made AstraZeneca shots


Vexation vaccine: The discrimination travelers face over the India-made AstraZeneca vaccine is starting to bite harder and harder. After a couple were arrested in Manchester to board a plane to Malta, it now appears that British travelers who headed to Portugal could face a two-week quarantine because the Portuguese government refused to recognize the Indian-made vaccine. EU countries make their own decisions on whether or not to accept the Indian vaccine, and those who received the vaccines made in India may now have to choose their destinations differently.

Speaking of danger: British activists have stepped up calls to bring back thousands of interpreters from Afghanistan given the rapid advance of the Taliban. Military chiefs last week called on the British government to bring in more interpreters. None are more in danger than the interpreters who worked for the American and British forces. Now it becomes an urgent matter of life and death for them. The future of some 25,000 interpreters still in Afghanistan is at stake.

A tongue twister: One institution, the British Youth International College, offers courses in India to teach Indians to speak with what the promoters call a good British accent. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The accents spoken in London and the Midlands in the north, not to mention Scotland, can all seem foreign to each other. The classes would be taught by some in Cambridge, giving them the East Midlands accent, if the teachers themselves are from there. And what kind of Indian English accent would someone be invited to learn? And why seek such uniformity, given that many Indians speak English much more clearly than many Brits.

The UK is planning vaccine boosters: While most of the world remains unvaccinated – and unprotected – against Covid, the UK government plans to give its adult population a third booster shot as early as next month. It follows a record-breaking vaccination campaign among its adult population which has led Britain to lift its lockdown – without adverse consequences. Note that the third jab should not present any difficulty for the United Kingdom; he ordered an average of nine jabs per person. The British government offers here and there small batches of vaccines to poor countries, but this is just a pledge of what it is preparing.

Weather conditions may slow down the Trent Bridge test: The first test against England at Trent Bridge is expected to get off to a good start on Wednesday, but rain is expected for the following days. According to current forecasts, this match will be affected by the rain, especially on the second, third and fourth days. Everyone is hoping the result will be a little different from this other rainy game at Southampton. India can, as usual, expect to play in front of a large home crowd in England.

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