Shop, Play, and Get Scared in East Texas This Weekend


Your schedule is full and you’ve been working on it all week. When Friday afternoon rolls around, it’s time to kick off YOUR weekend, you’ve been working hard for your chill time.

You can relax this weekend, but also fill it with fun activities: like shopping, doing carnival rides, taking a pumpkin ride, washing your car and being scared at the same time and enjoying the art. There is something for everyone this weekend in East Texas.

Check out these weekend events happening in East Texas this weekend.

Click on the title for more detailed information on each event.

First Monday trading day in Guangzhou

Shop at the world’s largest flea market in historic Canton. There are over 5000 sellers selling all kinds of items. You will definitely find something that you didn’t know you were looking for or needed, but just can’t live without! Canton’s First Monday trade days are full of manufacturers, gatherers, designers and savers. Which one are you? See you in Canton to find out who you are!

East Texas State Fair

It’s the last weekend of the East Texas State Fair. There is so much to do at the fair – check out the cattle, the aerial stunt shows, live music, vendor stands, the midway, the rides and of course the FOOD! It wouldn’t be fair without a Fried Twinkie or Oreo’s. Bring your armband and ride all the rides you want.

UMC Lanes Chapel pumpkin patch

Fall is here and it’s time to start decorating with pumpkins and get ready to carve them into Halloween pumpkins. Lanes Chapel United Methodist Church has been running a pumpkin patch for seven years now. Stop by and choose that perfect pumpkin for your centerpiece and your support will go to helping vital outreach ministries. In addition to pumpkins, there are also many activities for children.

Nights of fear at the Gleaux car wash

It’s a car wash experience like no other. The two Gleaux Car Wash locations in South Tyler will provide thrills and screams as you get your car washed in a haunted car wash tunnel. Each location has different themes – Princesses Vs. Superheroes, Haunted Asylum, Circus Freaks, Zombie Apocalypse, Horror Movie – and it starts this weekend with Friday Nights’ Light, the kid-friendly version.

Kilgore ArtWalk

Stroll through historic downtown Kilgore on Saturday night and see awe-inspiring works by East Texas artists who will exhibit and sell their creations. Jewelry, floral designs, photography, painting and more.

Haunted houses

Seeing how Halloween is practically here, it’s never too early to be scared in one of these haunted houses:
World of Khaos – Tyler
House of Horrors Doc Wilkes – Longview
Graystone Haunted Mansion – Longview
Scary nights at the farm of yesteryear – Canton
Death Valley Haunted House – Tyler

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