Summer Travel Check: canceled flights, super high fuel


· There is no overstatement of pent-up demand to travel as a result of COVID and although gas prices are putting some off, those who still want to go are simply cutting back elsewhere

New AAA survey finds PA drivers are adjusting their daily driving habits, trip plans and travel budgets to accommodate record gas prices – but are still planning trips this summer, as evidenced traffic on our roads on July 4e holiday weekend

· AAA’s new survey of PA drivers shows three ways they are saving money.

oh 65% of PA drivers say they have adjusted their daily driving behaviors due to gas prices

§ More than 45% report regrouping or doing fewer errands

§ Over 53% say they limit their driving in every way possible

oh About half of PA drivers say they usually commute to work – 20% of them try to work from home more and 10% say they carpool or carpool to work more often

oh More than 60% of Pennsylvania drivers planning summer trips say gas prices factored into their planning

§ About a third (34%) report making fewer trips due to the price of gas

§ Nearly 15% say they take shorter trips because of gas prices

§ Nearly 20% report adjusting their travel budget for meals or accommodations due to gas prices


· Look for flights departing in the morning, allowing more time throughout the day. Flights later in the day are more likely to be cancelled, rescheduled or delayed due to weather conditions, staff shortages or other unforeseen circumstances.

· Try to fly a day or two ahead from when you want to start your holiday or need to be at your destination – airlines cannot control the weather. But you can predict it!

· Plan long layovers – 2 hour minimum to allow enough time for unforeseen delays.

· Take out travel insurance to protect your investment and choose one that provides travel interruption and extra expense coverage.

· Plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and up to 3 hours for international flights. Parking garages, TSA lines and other airport services can have long lines.

· Download with the app of the airline you will be flying with and sign up to receive SMS alerts from the airline. Most airlines allow you to check in for your flight, access boarding passes, track your baggage and change/cancel a flight. Additionally, some airlines promote in-flight entertainment through their app.

· “Flight Aware” is a useful application which allows you to track your plane’s route throughout the day leading up to your departure, helping to determine if you will experience delays, miss your connection or need to act early.

· Sign up for screening programs for faster screening linessuch as TSA Pre, Clear or Global Entry.

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