The Fiji Times » Government begins rezoning process

The government has started the process of rezoning residential areas into commercial zones en bloc in 11 city councils to create an “improved business climate”.

The initiative was announced in the 2022-23 national budget by Economy Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

“It is important to note that residential property owners who are in these gated rezoning areas will not pay city and town commercial rates, until they wish to convert to commercial activities through the official filing of a building application,” the permanent said. Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Tourism and Transport, Shaheen Ali.

“Thanks to this decisive political action by the Fijian government, we have improved the business climate by streamlining approval processes and meeting development needs.

“Many of these areas have changed significantly in nature and use, from residential to commercial.

“However, the procedures required that each time an applicant had to go through a detailed rezoning process, when undertaking commercial activity in these areas, which has now been eliminated.”

Once approved, people residing in the developed areas can operate businesses such as ancillary buildings, banks, car parks, shops and cafes, bulk stores, laundries, bakeries, hairdressers and dairies. aesthetics, leisure spaces, professional offices, multi-unit boarding houses. , sewing, offices, home businesses, watchmakers, locksmiths, engravers, restaurants and gas stations.

In the coming months, the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Tourism and Transport, in partnership with the 13 city councils, will identify and consider bulk rezoning of new areas based on development trends and demand.

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