The students want their money back and I don’t blame them

It’s no surprise that students want their money back

Many people say college is a waste of time and many students ask for a refund and who can blame them.

70,000 in debt if you’re lucky…and to study what…A few vague-sounding courses that don’t really qualify you to do anything in particular…

Sociology comes to mind, which is basically finding excuses for who you are.

So if you turn out to be a criminal, your mother didn’t love you, etc.

Add Covid to the mix and two years of a three-year course in lockdown with very little face-to-face learning, it’s no wonder students are complaining.

The course transgressing online and changing beyond recognition of what they signed up for. can’t leave due to lockdown.

Might as well stay at home, many have done it. What’s the point ?? There is even now talk of raising the fee to £24,000 a year to match the rate paid by their overseas counterparts.

It’s no surprise that they want their money back.

Student Tia O’Donnell’s post went viral when she sported an outfit demanding reimbursement for her hands-on art course at University of the Arts London, which was mostly done via laptop.

She said “There was no consideration for the students”

When I went to college, most people got scholarships. – Unfortunately, I was not eligible. If your parents’ income was above a threshold, you received nothing. So I got nothing.. Great in theory because it seems to mean your parents are rich, but in reality there were 4 of us, and in other words my dad didn’t get where he was by giving money away. I think he rather appreciated the fact that we had to be very good if we wanted something.

I did a business degree and had to subsidize what he gave me with a small student loan, dance in clubs and got a job as a bouncer in Union bars. Sarcasm and humor were my weapons. But at least I was able to leave home, go to classes, hang out, meet people, and experience college life. I left with a student loan of just £3,000 and a business degree. Money well spent.

The same can hardly be said these days. It costs a fortune to go there, and good luck If the degree is a bit vague, like sociology, I’m not even sure it’s really worth it, universities are run like a business.. and in l business, something i have researched, if you do not deliver what is agreed or what you supply is not fit for purpose, customers have every right to demand a refund..

Universities must follow the program.

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