UD # 6 Best Regional Universities in the West of the Ranking

University of Dallas students on the Mall. Photo by Annabelle Nicolas

On September 13, the University of Dallas was named sixth in the US News and World Report’s top regional universities in the west for the second year in a row.

The awards are divided into four regions: North, South, Midwest and West. The US News & World Report also recognized UD in other rankings: ninth in top value schools, 17th in top colleges for veterans, and 112th in best performance on social mobility.

“We are honored to be recognized by these rankings. There is a lot to celebrate at the University of Dallas, including the record enrollment we hit this fall, both for freshmen and for the total number of 1,500 undergraduates for. the first time, ”President Sanford said, according to the UD press release. September 20.

This achievement enables UD to follow a pillar of Sandford’s strategic plan to “[build] our reputation and recognition.

US News & World Report establishes the ranking based on criteria expressed as weighted percentages totaling 100%. The components are as follows: graduation / retention rate, 22%, social mobility, 5%, graduation rate, 8%, undergraduate academic reputation, 20%, faculty resource, 20%, student selectivity, 7%, financial resources, 10%, average graduate donation rate, 3%, and graduate debt, 5%.

Only verified academic data and third-party sources are used to calculate scientific information, according to US News & World Report.

UD received an overall rating of 72 out of 100.

UD has performed well in faculty resources due to a high percentage of classes with less than 20 students, said Elizabeth Griffin Smith, associate vice president for enrollment. Conversely, the assessment reveals late UD graduation rates for Pell Grant students with a difference of 13 percentage points from the regular graduation rate.

“We have steadily moved up this ranking over the past decade, thanks to the advancements we have made in pre-graduation and post-graduation student success, affordability, quality of incoming students and others. criteria. This ranking will allow students who have no previous connection to the UD to discover the wonderful educational experience that we offer, ”said Griffin Smith.

However, Griffin Smith notes the limitations of the ranking as he fails to capture the abstract advantages of DU in his numerical assessment. As recognition promotes the university, the admissions team strives to provide a more solid view of the DU to the potential students it attracts.

She believes the reason for DU’s unprecedented 1,500 total undergraduates is not new marketing, but the elective testing admissions policy. Several other private universities have seen a similar phenomenon occur regarding 2021 freshman class enrollment.

The future of DU admissions looks bright in light of the pandemic.

“Recruiting students during the pandemic has taught us that there are many ways to interact with students virtually. While we are happy to have brought back more robust campus touring programs and the ability to re-visit high schools, we will keep some digital options to ensure we expand our reach as widely as possible, ”he said. Griffin Smith said.

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