Universities Offer To Rehire Professors Paid From Relations With China | At national scale


Knoxville, Tennessee (AP) – The University of Tennessee, Knoxville reinstates a professor convicted of federal crimes accusing him of hiding his relationship with a Chinese university while receiving a research grant from NASA. I offered to leave you. Knoxville News Sentinel To tell.

The newspaper reported in an October 14 letter that Provost and Deputy Prime Minister John Zomtic had provided Ammin Fu with the work of a lifetime engineering professor, as well as reimbursements and payments to lawyers specializing in the ‘immigration. According to the report, Hu also provided $ 200,000 over three years to restore the research program and explained the university’s support for his work visa as a naturalized Canadian citizen.

President Hu was arrested in February 2020 after being charged with wire fraud and misrepresentation. The judge ruled a suspect after the jury was blocked in June. The prosecution filed a notice stating that they intend to retry the case, but the judge acquitted Hu last month.

The arrest was part of the Justice Department’s widespread crackdown on university researchers suspected of covering up relationships with Chinese institutions under the administration of then-President Donald Trump.

Hu started working at UTKnoxville in 2013 and was later invited by another professor to help him apply for a NASA research grant. The grant request was not successful, but the following two requests were accepted. The 2012 law prohibits NASA from working with China or Chinese companies. The government interpreted a ban on including Chinese universities, and President Hu was a faculty member at Beijing University of Technology in addition to his post at UT.

The prosecution sought to show that President Hu intentionally concealed his post at a university in China when he applied for a NASA-funded research grant. Hu’s attorney, Philip Lomonaco, claimed in a lawsuit that he didn’t think it was necessary to list his part-time summer job on the disclosure form, and no one at UT didn’t tell him anything else. No.

Lomonaco told Knoxville News Sentinel earlier this month that Hu wanted his job back.

The judge ruled that even though President Hu intended to cheat the alliance with the Second University, there was no evidence that President Hu intended to harm NASA. Additionally, NASA received research from Hu, and there was no evidence that Hu received money from China or worked on a project with anyone in China.

Additionally, the judge cited evidence that NASA’s funding restrictions were unclear.

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Universities Offer To Rehire Professors Paid From Relations With China | At national scale

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