Western Golf Associations Caddy Academy gives high school girls the chance to learn the game and win an Evans scholarship



CHICAGO (WLS) – The summer golf season offers a unique opportunity for a group of girls looking to broaden their horizons and improve their chances of future success.

High school students who have become summer caddies head to the golf course before sunrise as part of the Western Golf Associations Caddy Academy.

“Caddy Academy is a very educational program that teaches you how to network, talk to people, meet new people, develop persistence – and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get started on the course to learn how to play golf. golf, and learn to caddy and earn a scholarship, ”said Caddy Academy senior Maya Pinson.

The seven-week summer program operates like a golf boarding school, where dozens of girls come together in hopes of winning the Evans scholarship.

“I learned a lot about myself and who I am,” said Jayla Austin-Duarte, another Caddy Academy senior. “Lots of self-discovery, new encounters, learning to speak, working hard, learning yourself.”

“We all share common experiences and the pressure first generation low-income students feel from their families to be successful,” said Celeste Ortiz, Caddy Academy graduate.

Living with girls from all over the country and meeting golfers from all walks of life opened their eyes to a bigger world, but it was the college scholarship that changed their lives for the present and now an unlimited future.

“It means everything. It will take away the financial struggle my mom will have to go through,” Pinson said. “I know it can be a lot, especially with the fact that she’s a single mom.”

“It means so much to me, it’s honestly a blessing and almost a miracle,” Ortiz said. “There’s been a lot of struggles that everyone – every generation before me has gone through – and like so many conflicts and struggles to get to this, and I just feel like we won… It’s life changing. Completely. life – change, like, I’ll never be the same and have a future that my parents and I think no one before them can ever imagine for themselves. “

“My family and I are so grateful for this opportunity. We never thought something like this would happen – it’s just … from the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you to Caddy Academy”, Austin- Duarte mentioned. “It’s just amazing.”

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